Phenomena (1985)

I first noticed this movie on the shelf as a kid when it was entitled Creepers. The cover alone grossed meout and I didn’t actually watch it until2005. The cover art is different and the title is now Phenomena. Jennifer Connelly is wonderful as always. She has this haunted quality about her that I was always drawn to since I first watched Labyrinth. Here she plays Jennifer, the daughter of a famous director sent to a Swiss boarding school. She is an odd girl with a telepathic connection with insects. There is a psycho killer on the loose and Jennifer teams up with Donald Pleasance, his monkey and an army of insects to help track them down. There is some bizarre rock music blaring in a few scenes that make this seem like a surreal European music video from the 80’s. Pleasance and Connelly give strong performances in this dizzyingly dark fairy tale. Probably my favorite Argento film so far.