I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years. I used to design fun product packaging for a novelty company. (You may have seen some of my creations at Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts, or Newbury Comics). This inspired me to start designing horror related products for myself. I started with energy drinks and Kane Hodder hired me to create one to promote his biography. 

Hollie GoFrightly

I designed a convention banner for James Duval.

I redesigned Linnea Quigley’s website a few years ago and also designed her table banner, a Christmas card, and some social media graphics. I also edited a photo from NJ Horror Con when she did a “Night of the Demons” photo op with Amelia Kinkade. This image has circulated around the web quite a lot to promote their convention appearances.

I staged this this pic with one of my Jason masks and Freddy gloves at Scareacon (backpack courtesy of our new friend Michael) for Felissa Rose’s social media. Then I edited the professional photo from the photographer for her to autograph at her table. Terror Threads turned my cell pic into a t-shirt and poster available on their website.

Poster I designed for Boondock Film Society’s screening of Argento’s “Suspiria” in 2018.

I discovered online companies that will print clothing, stickers and decor to order. You can find these designs and more on my redbubble and teepublic stores.