Halloween Kills (2021)


Opening night, I had some time to kill before an event in PA so I took myself to see this. I avoided all trailers, wanting to go in blindly. Plenty of gore and Michael’s kills are on par with Jason Voorhees for some reason. Jaime Lee is barely in this so not much to report on her performance. Too many characters and storylines made this quite chaotic and disconnected. I loved what they did with flashback scenes- revisiting the old feeling of the ’78 original was exciting. The 3rd act was all over the place. I couldn’t understand the reasoning behind the character decisions, many seemed played just for laughs or just pure absurdity. As much fun as it was to see a Halloween on a big screen again –particularly after a cooped up quarantine – this one didn’t do it for me. Guess we’ll see how the next one resolves everything.