Pet Sematary (1989)

This is one of my favorite Stephen King movies. Dr. Louis Creed moves his family move to a small town in Maine. There seems to be an odd vibe in the town, definitely some history that he is about to become a part of. Their pet cat, Church, gets hit by a truck. Ominous neighbor, Jud, brings Louis to a gravesite behind the Pet Sematary to bury it. The next day, the cat is back, a little creepier than before, but the rest of the family is none the wiser. During a picnic, their baby boy, Gage, is playing with a kite and ends up running towards the road where he is plowed over by a tractor trailer truck. (This scene always breaks my heart, he was the cutest kid on the planet. I always wish it could have been the obnoxious daughter.) Grief stricken, Louis buries his child in the Pet Sematary. Big mistake. Gage isn’t so cute when he comes back and certainly not as lovable. Can Louis stop the evil before its too late or has he dug himself in too deep?