Lizzie (2018)

My mother worked at the Lizzie Borden house for nearly 2 decades, so we always have to check out anything Lizzie related. Chloë Sevigny was very interested in the case and visited the house many times, so this seemed promising. Once again, Hollywood skewed a perfectly horrific and mysterious true crime. The angle on this particular incarnation had Lizzie conspiring (and canoodling) with the Irish maid, played by Kristen Stewart. Not much in the way of facts, aside from the father and step mother being bludgeoned with a hatchet. I’d don’t recommend this and certainly avoid watching with your mother…AWKward! I’d like to see a telling of the story with an ambiguous ending since no one truly knows who the killer is. Do the research, let the facts speak for themselves, and visit Fall River and the house to get a better feel for the setting.