Dorian Gray (2009)

I have never read the book or seen any previous film versions but this one seemed attractive to me. Dorian Gray is a young, unsophisticated man who moves to London to claim his inheritance after his abusive father passes away. He is naive and is easily corrupted by his new friend, Harry. He is envious of Dorian’s youth and introduces him to the finer things in life like scotch, opium dens, and prostitutes. Dorian has his portrait painted and realizes his youth will forever be preserved on the canvass while he faces his own mortality. He makes a proverbial deal with the devil and soon overindulges in sinful behavior, sacrificing his soul and losing his first love. He remains young and beautiful while his portrait decays, revealing Dorian’s true ugliness. Eventually, all his friends age while he remains youthful. Everyone wants to know his secret, but if he tells you, he’ll have to kill you. I really enjoyed this movie. The acting is top notch and there’s a bit of everything, sex, murder, love, betrayal. You sympathize with, envy, and despise Dorian all at once. Its a classic fable with moral undertones. Is it worth selling your soul to be young forever?